Leytonstone Arts Trail 2017: poetry at the Friends Meeting House

Firstly, THANKS for agreeing to contribute to the Arts Trail this year. We have a plethora of poets coming along!

I’ve listed you below under the date on which I think you’re performing. The order means nothing, because we can’t be certain who will actually be there on the day – some may turn up on spec. The running order can be worked out informally with the host.

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Bush Road, E11 3AU. Map.

The audience will (probably) be quite small. If the weather is fine we might read under a gazebo; if not we will be in the ‘social room’.

Please aim to read for up to about 5 minutes. You can read anything you like, whether written by you or someone else. The theme for the Quakers’ contribution to the Arts Trail is “WHEN THE IMAGINATION WAKENS“, which should be sufficiently broad. There will a visual arts exhibition on in parallel, which we hope you will enjoy.

If you have any queries please get in touch: Chris Lord, chrislord@icloud.com, 07545 378553.

And thanks again. Looking forward to it.

Sunday July 2nd, 2-3pm

Eithne Cullen
Stephen Pewsey
Angelena Demaria
Ciaran Clerkin (host)
Roger Huddle
Jacqui Shannon
I heard this was excellent – so thanks to everyone for making it so!

Sunday July 9th, 2-3pm

Angus Brown
Roderick Lonsdale
Christine Lee
Chris Lord (host)
Melvyn Freake
Barry Coidan
Jane Grell
Ursula Troche
Tom Jameson
Maggie Freake