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“On the Saltmarsh” by Ruth Valentine

[Poetry Café, 25th January] Paul and I stumbled into the Poetry Café and caught the second half of Ruth Valentine’s reading from On The Saltmarsh, bumping into Paul’s sister-in-law as we did so. The main reason I guess for hearing … Continue reading

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“McCool” by Aidan Andrew Dun

With Aidan’s poetry I’m always amazed at what I was trying to get at when writing about Unholyland but didn’t nail. Trying again now, after reading Aidan’s two Middle-Eastern verse epics in the wrong order. What it is is a … Continue reading

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Google (verb)

February 2013: a student in Year 9 suggesting to a friend to “Google the word in the dictionary” – “Google” meaning nothing more than “look up”, even in a – shock horror – book.

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Absorbing and exciting, and dominated as everyone has been saying by an unreal performance by Daniel Day Lewis – even less real after I saw the actual actor getting an award. And the voice is at least as important as … Continue reading

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Oedipus at Colonus (King’s College production and subsequent rereading)

After seeing King’s College do this in Greek last week I thought I’d read this, for the first time in 30 years. Quite different from what I’d remembered, and from what I’d told the kids on the train, and, strangely, … Continue reading

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