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Plato’s Symposium

As often with Plato there’s a layered entry: the party being related is remembered at second hand. This is important as it sets up doubt, makes us wonder what’s really going on here. The game the men decide to play … Continue reading

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Plato’s “Protagoras”

Less cruel to Protagoras than I remember, but very funny in places nevertheless. Interesting prelude to utilitarianism at 356B, where Socrates, arguing (as usual) that people act badly through ignorance, suggests a calculus whereby actions can be considered good or … Continue reading

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Plato’s “Euthyphro”

The best thing I’ve read for ages. Fabulously tight, funny, profound, and challenging. I’d never noticed how Plato sets the (in itself important) argument about holiness in the context of Socrates’ forthcoming trial, and sets up Euthyphro and his father … Continue reading

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A Riddle

Robert Herrick: “By day we live as one; by night we’re hurled, In dreams, each one, into a several world.” So Herrick believes, or poetically asserts, that our dream lives are particularly and absolutely individual, that, despite the presence, in … Continue reading

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