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Ethics Man

Going for a consistent set of principles seems to be really about: “Scientifically” imagining scenarios where we are clear about right and wrong courses of action, for example torturing an innocent person is wrong, giving a meal to a starving person is … Continue reading

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Gary L. Francione: “An Introduction to Animal Rights”

A powerfully argued, technical and persuasive book: if you think it’s OK to eat animals and wear their skins then best not to read it. Francione’s argument is in two stages. First he reiterates Bentham’s view that animals suffer, so … Continue reading

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Karen Armstrong: “Compassion”

Another book I read so long ago I can’t really remember the details. Hey ho. I read this as part of a discussion group with the Quakers – a chapter a week. Armstrong’s impressive – a muscular thinker and speaker … Continue reading

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“Jesus” by Humphrey Carpenter

One of Carpenter’s most well-known biographies, part of the “Past Masters” series of short books on influential thinkers. Overall Carpenter seems to go as far as he can in sympathising and admiring Jesus, stopping short just at the point beyond … Continue reading

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