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Herodotus’ Histories

My previous experience of Herodotus had been, as for many classicists, that of reading isolated episodes, either as set texts for teaching Greek GCSE, or as passages for unseen translation. I’d also read some of his stories in secondary literature, … Continue reading

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“Ed King” by David Guterson

A fantastic book in its own right – i.e. judged as a novel, not an updating of Sophocles’ Oedipus the King. Guterson has an easy, just-self-conscious style – you know you’re being told a story, but he doesn’t intrude – … Continue reading

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“Of Truth” by Francis Bacon

A brief essay on the importance of truth to man, religiously and philosophically. One of the Fathers called Poesy: “vinum daemonum, because it filleth the imagination”. Replacing contemplation of the Divine, presumably. Montaigne: “to say that a man lieth, is … Continue reading

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