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Ben Aaronovitch: “The Rivers of London”

A standard and fun modern tongue-in-cheek crime/mystery story, uplifted by being set in a magical-realist London where the eponymous (a word never to be used in serious writing) rivers of the eponymous capital city have deities who are alive and active. … Continue reading

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Dickens: “Dombey and Son”

So long ago now I can’t remember it all, and it took me so long to read. How did they get away with it then? Ah yes – serialisation over months, and that’s how long it took me to read. Totally immersing, … Continue reading

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“Diamond Street” by Rachel Lichtenstein

An excellent London book, focusing on Hatton Garden, but ranging pretty widely around, and combining the author’s personal reminiscences with deep research. You learn a lot from this book, painlessly. It’s pushed me now several times to the area, listening … Continue reading

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“Hatton Garden” by Rachel Lichtenstein

A wonderful find: a personal and in-depth history of this part of London, ending with a breathtaking account of an official descent to and along the ancient and hidden River Fleet. An evocative and fact-filled book, making any visit to … Continue reading

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