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Google (verb)

February 2013: a student in Year 9 suggesting to a friend to “Google the word in the dictionary” – “Google” meaning nothing more than “look up”, even in a – shock horror – book.

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“Latin forms of address from Plautus to Apuleius” by Eleanor Dickey

Beautifully written and produced – hardly a single typo throughout. Her introduction is a fascinating survey of forms of address across languages, and is particularly interesting on English. Although much of the detail is there more for scholarly completeness than … Continue reading

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Piscine Couverte

“Piscine couverte” – a sign in Normandy last Saturday. But what does it mean? How do we translate it? Word for word, “piscine” means “swimming pool”, and “couvert” means “covered”‘ with the final -e showing that the adjective agrees with … Continue reading

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