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“Inside Story” by Chapman Pincher

(Only read a few chapters) I used to love reading my Dad’s old red hardback copy of Chapman Pincher’s collection science columns for the Express called It’s Fun Finding Out – a title eclipsed on his shelves only by┬áRomping Through … Continue reading

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“The Dispossessed” by Ursula le Guin

There’s a book on the politics of The Dispossessed which, if I get round to reading it, might help me think and write about that aspect of this novel. In (that and) other respects it’s a very good book indeed, … Continue reading

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“The Soul Of Man Under Socialism” by Oscar Wilde

A series of cut’n’pastes from Wilde’s essay. Lots here. His sympathies lie with the poor, whose condition he clearly recognises (“[criminals] are merely what ordinary, respectable, commonplace people would be if they had not got enough to eat”). And his … Continue reading

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