“Are We There Yet?”

Awful comedy with some very funny gross bits (man holding a boy who’s urinating in a woman’s face; boy (same one) causing a near-pile-up by projectile-vomiting over a windscreen; and the man fighting a deer is funny too, albeit ungross.
But the story itself is fascinating.
Woman has two kids, but no man, as the father has run off. Kids reject all new lovers as they want their dad back; best chance of their survival to be looked after by natural parents. Our hero fancies woman; wants sex. Realises woman has kids, so put off; realises her priorities are with her young genetic material. Goes for it anyway; wants any chance of having his own kids. Woman refuses sexual intimacy because he’s rubbish with her kids; poor chance of his helping her genes to adulthood. But man still keen, and in a crisis manages to get job of taking kids in his new Lincoln to Vancouver. Hence comedy, as kids fight man, and hence cheese, as man gradually gets emotionally attached to kids, leading to inevitable, er, climax, when kids convince woman to take man on as “something much more than a friend”. Hooray. Symbolised fabulously by fireworks ejaculating in the sky over their final hug.

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