Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne)

A long and involved French thriller, intriguing and violent. All about what-really-happened-that-night-all-those-years-ago. Spoilt by the ending, where one of the characters [SPOILER AVOIDANCE, SORT OF] gives one version – shown, with his commentary as a voiceover – replaced shortly after by another filmed version. Unlike Cluedo, or (apparently) The French Lieutenant’s Woman, this is meant straight, but reminds me of the stories in Viz which end with a character stripping off to reveal a uniform (“Aha! But I’m a policeman!”); the criminal then unzips himself, “But I’m a lizard from Planet Yuk!”. “Aha!” replies our copper, peeling off his uniform, “But I’m really Murg the Mighty, Planet Yuk’s imperial overlord!”, “But I’m Paul Daniels!”, etc.

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