Have we missed something?

Marx’s revolution? The proletariat are gliding through glass malls, tapping wirelessly-connected little glass screens. Workers swarm over stately homes, supping National Trust tea, while the rump of an aristocracy skulk in the cottage on the edge of the estate.

Orwell’s dystopia? CCTV cameras, spooks monitoring our banking and our shopping, our conversations and our researching… Populations manipulated by advertising and wars to prop up the system, ensuring, on a world level, untold wealth for a few and abject poverty for most.

“The Kingdom of God is at hand”? We are, with the fading of religion and belief in an afterlife, indeed living in the “last times” / τα εσχατα: this is the only life we have: our last chance to live life as we should.

Have these three predictions all actually happened?

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