Wendy Shutler, Ivor Game and Ben Richardson at the Poetry Café

A randomly-chosen and wonderful evening, a mixture of poems and songs. Wendy Shutler’s poems were perfect for readings like this: clearly written and delivered, funny, personal (mainly auto- or pseudoauto-biographical), with many a clever and/or poignant twist. Ivor Game’s songs and singing were (for me at any rate) pretty unspeakably beautiful – wonderfully roaming vocal line, in a quiet, high, voice; tiny songs – very short, little voice, each one expressing a single, love-based thought: jewels. Ben Richardson’s songs and singing were less to my liking – more conventional – but his initial instrumental piece was wonderful, and he’s obviously an excellent guitarist. And I think we were the only members of the audience not known personally to one of the performers: a real intimate gig.

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