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“Homecoming” by Michael Morpurgo

A moving tale by the great man about his own childhood in Bradwell, Essex, and how the building of a nuclear power station destroyed a paradise, in particular the caravan-home of Miss Pettigrew. Much is made of the fact that … Continue reading

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Plato’s Symposium

As often with Plato there’s a layered entry: the party being related is remembered at second hand. This is important as it sets up doubt, makes us wonder what’s really going on here. The game the men decide to play … Continue reading

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“Notes in Advance” by William Glock

Born in 1908, William Glock became one of the most important and powerful people in British music[^1] in the second half of the 20th century. This autobiography was published in 1991; he died in 2000. In summary: – Christ’s Hospital … Continue reading

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Tellus, issue 5

Another of Ailsa Hunt’s excellent series of pamphlets publishing poetry about or inspired by the classical world. This contains some gems, in particular an excerpt from Timothy Chappell’s verbally-powerful translation of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon (“and so the house receives back its … Continue reading

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“Deep Field” by Philip Gross

[See update, below] Philip Gross’ contribution to a Quaker discussion on ‘non—theism’ is amazing: he speaks fast, weaving his own poems into what he says (sometimes breaking into one with no pause), and succeeds in deepening any listener’s thoughts about that word … Continue reading

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