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Statius: “Achilleid”

This 1st-century AD Latin poet died after writing a book and a half of his epic on Achilles; intended no doubt to build on the success of his Thebaid, about the civil war between the sons of Oedipus Polynices and … Continue reading

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Ethics Man

Going for a consistent set of principles seems to be really about: “Scientifically” imagining scenarios where we are clear about right and wrong courses of action, for example torturing an innocent person is wrong, giving a meal to a starving person is … Continue reading

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“What we did on our holidays”

[Spoiler alert – this is really meant for people who’ve seen the film] Official trailer line “Explores the meaning of life and suggests how best to live and love.” Fair enough. A brilliantly made, written and acted comedy based on … Continue reading

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Donna Leon: “Through a glass darkly”

Another Donna. Madonna of the laguna, of sumptuous meals with named wines, of the affection of Paola and Elettra, the two women fusing to channel the author’s love for her hero, as Sayers’ for Wimsey and Allingham’s for Campion. Madonna of … Continue reading

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